is vigo rice gluten free

Yes, Vigo rice is gluten free. Vigo Rice is a brand that offers a wide variety of rice products, including white rice, brown rice, and specialty flavored rice mixes. If you have a gluten intolerance or are following a gluten-free diet, Vigo rice can be a safe and delicious option for you.

Nutritional Benefits of Vigo Rice

Vigo rice is not only gluten free, but it is also a nutritious choice. Here are some of the nutritional benefits of Vigo rice:

  • Vigo rice is a good source of carbohydrates, which provide energy for your body.
  • It contains essential vitamins and minerals like thiamin, niacin, and iron.
  • Vigo rice is low in fat and cholesterol, making it a healthy choice for those watching their fat intake.
  • It is also sodium-free, which is beneficial for individuals with high blood pressure or those who want to limit their sodium intake.

Vigo Rice Varieties

Vigo offers a wide range of rice products to cater to different tastes and preferences. Here are some popular Vigo rice varieties:

  1. White Rice: Vigo’s white rice is a versatile option that can be used in a variety of dishes.
  2. Brown Rice: Vigo’s brown rice is a healthier alternative to white rice, as it contains more fiber and nutrients.
  3. Yellow Rice: This is a flavorful rice mix that combines rice, spices, and seasonings. It’s often used in traditional dishes like Arroz Amarillo.
  4. Cilantro Lime Rice: Vigo’s cilantro lime rice mix is perfect for adding a zesty flavor to your meals.
  5. Spanish Rice: This rice mix is seasoned with tomatoes, onions, and peppers, giving it a delicious Spanish twist.

These are just a few examples of the delicious and gluten-free rice options offered by Vigo. Depending on your taste preferences, you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Gluten-Free Labeling

When purchasing Vigo rice or any other gluten-free product, it’s important to check the labeling. Look for the “gluten-free” label on the packaging to ensure that the product has been tested and meets the gluten-free standards set by regulatory authorities.

Additionally, you can also check the list of ingredients for any potential sources of gluten. While rice is naturally gluten free, some flavored rice mixes may contain gluten-containing ingredients like wheat or barley. Make sure to read the label carefully to avoid any potential sources of gluten.

Rice VarietyGluten-Free
White RiceYes
Brown RiceYes
Yellow RiceDepends on the flavorings and added ingredients
Cilantro Lime RiceYes
Spanish RiceDepends on the flavorings and added ingredients

Cooking Tips

Here are some helpful tips for cooking Vigo rice:

  • Follow the cooking instructions provided on the package for the specific rice variety you are using.
  • Rinse the rice before cooking to remove any excess starch.
  • Use a ratio of 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water for most varieties.
  • For flavored rice mixes, use the specified amount of water and follow the instructions for additional ingredients and seasonings.
  • Allow the cooked rice to rest for a few minutes before fluffing it with a fork.


In conclusion, Vigo rice is indeed gluten free. It offers a wide variety of rice options that are not only delicious but also nutritious. Whether you prefer white, brown, or flavored rice mixes, Vigo has got you covered. Just remember to check the labeling and ingredients list to ensure the specific flavorings are gluten free. So, feel free to enjoy Vigo rice as part of your gluten-free diet!