is cavender’s seasoning gluten free

Yes, Cavender’s Seasoning is gluten free.

What is Cavender’s Seasoning?

Cavender’s Seasoning is a popular blend of spices created by Steve Cavender in the 1960s. It is a versatile seasoning that can be used in a variety of dishes like grilled meats, soups, salads, and vegetables. It is known for its unique flavor profile and has gained a loyal following over the years.

Gluten-Free Certification

Cavender’s Seasoning is certified as gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). This certification ensures that the product meets strict gluten-free standards and is safe for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease to consume.


The ingredients in Cavender’s Seasoning include salt, black pepper, cornstarch, garlic powder, oregano, flavor enhancer (MSG), parsley, and other herbs and spices. It does not contain any gluten-containing ingredients such as wheat, barley, or rye.

Cross-Contamination Concerns

While Cavender’s Seasoning itself does not contain gluten, cross-contamination may be a concern for individuals with severe gluten allergies or celiac disease. The product is manufactured in a facility that also processes gluten-containing ingredients. However, Cavender’s Seasoning takes precautions to clean equipment thoroughly between batches to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Alternate Uses for Cavender’s Seasoning

In addition to its traditional use as a seasoning for meats, Cavender’s Seasoning can be used in various other ways:

  • Adding flavor to soups and stews
  • Enhancing the taste of roasted vegetables
  • Spicing up popcorn
  • Sprinkling on eggs or potatoes
  • Creating a marinade for grilled seafood

Gluten-Free Substitutes

If you are unable to find Cavender’s Seasoning in your local store or prefer to use an alternative, there are gluten-free seasoning blends available that can provide a similar flavor profile. Some popular gluten-free alternatives include:

  • McCormick Gluten-Free Garlic Herb Seasoning
  • Badia Gluten-Free Complete Seasoning
  • Primal Palate Organic Spices


Cavender’s Seasoning is a gluten-free seasoning blend that can enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes. It is certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group and does not contain any gluten-containing ingredients. However, individuals with severe gluten allergies or celiac disease should be cautious of potential cross-contamination. With its versatile taste and a wide range of uses, Cavender’s Seasoning is a great choice for anyone looking to add a flavorful twist to their meals.