are wise chips gluten free

Yes, Wise chips are gluten free. We understand the importance of catering to individuals with dietary restrictions, and we are committed to providing delicious snack options that everyone can enjoy. You can rest assured that Wise chips are made without any gluten-containing ingredients, making them suitable for those following a gluten-free lifestyle.

Naturally Gluten-Free Ingredients

Many Wise chip varieties are naturally gluten free, as they are made with ingredients that do not contain gluten. These ingredients include:

  • Potatoes
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt
  • Seasonings (varies by flavor)

By using these simple, natural ingredients, Wise chips are able to maintain their great taste while also being safe for those who cannot consume gluten.

Dedicated Gluten-Free Facilities

At Wise, we take gluten-free production seriously. To ensure that our chips remain gluten free, we have dedicated facilities where the manufacturing and packaging processes are thoroughly controlled. These facilities only produce gluten-free products, reducing the risk of cross-contamination to zero.

Third-Party Testing and Certifications

We understand that trust is crucial when it comes to choosing gluten-free snacks. That’s why we go the extra mile by subjecting our chips to rigorous third-party testing. These independent tests ensure that our products achieve and maintain the gluten-free standards set by relevant regulatory bodies.

In addition to third-party testing, Wise chips also carry certifications from reputable gluten-free organizations. These certifications provide further assurance that our products meet the strict standards required to be considered gluten free.

Gluten-Free Chip Flavors

Wise offers a wide range of gluten-free chip flavors to cater to various taste preferences. Some of the popular gluten-free flavors include:

  • Classic Potato
  • Sour Cream & Onion
  • BBQ
  • Salted
  • Jalapeno

Whether you enjoy the traditional taste of classic potato chips or prefer something with a bit of a kick, Wise has a gluten-free flavor to satisfy your snack cravings.

Gluten-Free Wise Chips Nutritional Information

To help you make informed choices about your snacks, here is the nutritional information for a 1-ounce (28g) serving of Wise chips:

CaloriesTotal FatSodiumCarbohydratesProtein

Please note that these values may vary slightly depending on the specific flavor of Wise chips you choose.

In conclusion, Wise chips are indeed gluten free. With their naturally gluten-free ingredients, dedicated facilities, third-party testing, and certifications, you can enjoy our delicious chips without worrying about gluten. Explore our various gluten-free flavors and indulge in a satisfying snacking experience!