Best Vegetarian Fast Food in Spain

No beef patty Big Mac

Traveling is so much fun, am I right? So is eating vegetarian fast food in Spain!

You can experience so many new things, and trying new food it at the top of my list when it comes to travel. Local cuisine is second to none as far as home grown vegetables, climate, and spices. Believe or not international fast food chains incorporate local tastes into their menu items. The first time I went to McDonald’s in India – totally blown away. I have to say I was equally impressed in Spain. Here is a round up all of my favorites and why.

Vegetarian Fast Food Menu Items Available in Europe

One thing to start off this discussion – which chains are on my list? I found this neat infographic of the most aware brands with an international presence.

Great infographic by on how fast food chains ranked in 2018 with their non-meat alternatives by number of menu items available per country.
McDonald's Spain

MCDONALD’S Spain Vegetarian Menu

This is best known fast food brand in the world. The above chart shows it has some of the best vegetarian fast food options. It also uses the latest technologies to bring innovation to a steady American staple. They have kiosks, ordering app, and an informative website. I personally love ordering from a kiosk. No mistakes by a cashier misunderstanding my order or language. It is clear and easy in the language of your choice.

Let’s start with the “Complementos” – this list is absolutely RAD! Never thought about all the ways a potato could look so good. Shaker fries have a cool flavor packet must not miss these! Top fries are super loaded and, “patatas” come in skinny and thick cut. One of my favorites that is a limited edition Aros de Cebolla amazing onion rings. For a healthy alternative you can get a side of cute cherry tomatoes They come in two sizes individual and shareables.

The breakfast is fantastic with donuts, pastries, and sandwiches. A very Spain version of a egg sandwich is “Deseo de Tortilla de Patata”. A potato and onion omelet with some tomato relish on a roll and, you will not be disappointed.

The best part about ordering at a kiosk is that you can remove the meat patty from any sandwich and add extra veggies.

Ordered this No beef patty Big Mac from a kiosk. Extra lettuce, cheese, and onion. No surprises and easy to order.


Doing it your way in any country. Like other fast food companies out there customization is key. This is very popular in Spain – and the menu is HUGE. So many choices on a budget.

Unlike McDonald’s in Spain this chain has a portion of the menu dedicated to vegetarian and vegan followers. Best for vegetarians to find a fast food meal. On the menu you can find it as “100% Vegetal” and, it has more options than the US menu. Cannot stress what a big fan I am of the “Whopper Vegetal” – ordered it with extra lettuce, tomato, onion , and pickles. Missed an opportunity to try the “Long Vegetal” which is their take on a Chicken sandwich or the “Nuggets Vegetales” . I observed others having them and the portions are indeed substantial. If you have tried it then drop me a comment below because, I would love to hear from you.

They also have a great gluten free section so everyone is covered with this menu!

The sides are very similar to McDonald’s as you can see. Both menus have loaded fries and onion rings. Burger King has a unique gouda onion rings. They are a must have when you go because, who can resist super cheesy? I feel classy eating them. Can you say G-O-U-D-A?

Don’t forget to check out their impressive dessert menu. You will not be disappointed. In my opinion – the best vegetarian fast food in Spain.

Burger King Spain – From their 100% Vegetal menu. Whopper Vegetal with extra lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion and with cheese. Make it vegan by removing mayo and cheese.
Burger King Spain – King Fries with cheese and fried onions.

Order via the Burger King app and collect points because after you earn just 200 points you can redeem for a side of onion rings.

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