is red gold ketchup gluten free

Yes, Red Gold Ketchup is gluten free. If you are following a gluten-free diet or have gluten sensitivities, you can enjoy Red Gold Ketchup without any worries. It is made without any gluten-containing ingredients, making it a safe choice for those with gluten restrictions.

Ingredients in Red Gold Ketchup

Red Gold Ketchup is made using a simple and clean list of ingredients. Here are the ingredients found in Red Gold Ketchup:

  • Tomato concentrate from red ripe tomatoes
  • Distilled vinegar
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Corn syrup
  • Salt
  • Spice
  • Onion powder
  • Natural flavoring

None of the above ingredients contain gluten, ensuring that Red Gold Ketchup is safe for gluten-free diets.

Certification and Testing

In addition to the gluten-free ingredients, Red Gold Ketchup goes through rigorous testing and quality control procedures to maintain its gluten-free status. Red Gold is committed to providing accurate and reliable information about its products, including allergen labeling. They adhere to strict manufacturing practices to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the safety of their gluten-free products.

Gaining gluten-free certification

To further assure consumers, Red Gold Ketchup has obtained gluten-free certification from reputable third-party organizations. These certifications involve regular inspections and testing to ensure that the product meets the strict gluten-free standards set by these organizations. Red Gold’s commitment to obtaining certifications demonstrates their dedication to providing safe and trustworthy gluten-free products.

Gluten-Free Serving Suggestions

Now that you know Red Gold Ketchup is gluten free, you can use it in various dishes without any concerns. Here are some serving suggestions:

  • Use it as a condiment for burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches.
  • Add it to your favorite meatloaf recipe for added flavor.
  • Dip french fries, chicken nuggets, or onion rings into Red Gold Ketchup.
  • Include it in sauces and dressings to enhance the taste.

With Red Gold Ketchup being gluten free, you can enjoy these dishes with confidence.

Alternative Gluten-Free Ketchup Brands

If you’re unable to find Red Gold Ketchup or prefer to explore other gluten-free options, here are some alternative gluten-free ketchup brands:

BrandGluten-Free Certification
Heinz KetchupYes
Hunt’s KetchupYes
Organicville KetchupYes
Sir Kensington’s Classic KetchupYes

These brands also offer gluten-free ketchup options, giving you a variety of choices to suit your preferences and dietary needs.

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve been wondering whether Red Gold Ketchup is gluten free, rest assured that it is. With its gluten-free ingredients, certifications, and commitment to quality, Red Gold Ketchup is a safe and delicious choice for individuals following a gluten-free lifestyle or with gluten sensitivities. Enjoy Red Gold Ketchup without any worries and explore other gluten-free ketchup brands if you’re looking for alternatives.