does fazolis have gluten free

Yes, Fazoli’s is committed to providing gluten-free options for individuals with dietary restrictions or preferences. While it primarily offers Italian-inspired dishes that typically contain gluten, Fazoli’s understands the importance of catering to customers with various dietary needs. The restaurant has made efforts to include gluten-free options on their menu to ensure that everyone can enjoy a delicious meal at their establishments.

Gluten intolerance and celiac disease

Gluten intolerance, also known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), is a condition where individuals experience symptoms similar to those with celiac disease but lack the specific immune response triggered by gluten. Celiac disease, on the other hand, is an autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the small intestine when gluten is consumed. Both conditions require a gluten-free diet to manage symptoms or prevent further complications.

If you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, finding gluten-free options when dining out can be a challenge. However, Fazoli’s has recognized the need to accommodate these individuals by including gluten-free choices on their menu.

Fazoli’s gluten-free menu options

Fazoli’s understands that individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease still want to enjoy tasty and satisfying meals. Therefore, they have introduced several gluten-free options to cater to these customers. Here are some of the gluten-free menu items you can find at Fazoli’s:

  • Gluten-free pasta: Fazoli’s offers gluten-free penne pasta as a substitute for their regular pasta dishes. This provides individuals with an alternative to enjoy their favorite pasta meals without worrying about gluten.
  • Salads: Fazoli’s offers a variety of salads that can be customized to be gluten-free. You can choose fresh ingredients and dressings that do not contain gluten to create a delicious, healthy, and safe meal.
  • Sides: Some of Fazoli’s side dishes, such as their baked apples, are gluten-free. These can be paired with your main course or enjoyed on their own.

It’s important to note that even though Fazoli’s offers gluten-free options, there is always a risk of cross-contamination in a shared kitchen environment. Fazoli’s takes precautions to minimize this risk, but it’s crucial for individuals with severe gluten allergies or celiac disease to inform the staff about their dietary restrictions to ensure their safety.

Gluten-free practices at Fazoli’s

Fazoli’s is dedicated to providing a safe dining experience for its gluten-intolerant and celiac customers. The restaurant implements certain practices to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and ensure that gluten-free options remain safe:

  1. Separate preparation areas: Fazoli’s prepares gluten-free meals in dedicated areas to avoid contact with gluten-containing ingredients.
  2. Special handling instructions: The staff at Fazoli’s follows specific instructions when handling gluten-free orders to prevent cross-contamination. They take additional care to avoid using utensils and equipment that have come into contact with gluten.
  3. Education and training: Fazoli’s provides training to its employees to raise awareness about gluten-free needs and how to handle these orders correctly. This helps ensure that staff members understand the importance of adhering to gluten-free protocols.

While Fazoli’s takes these precautions, it’s still essential for customers with gluten intolerance or celiac disease to communicate their dietary needs to the staff. By doing so, they can further reduce the risk of cross-contamination and enjoy a worry-free dining experience.

Fazoli’s gluten-free menu options

Here is a table summarizing some of the gluten-free options available at Fazoli’s:

Menu ItemDescription
Gluten-free penne pastaA substitute for regular pasta in various dishes
Customizable saladsSelection of fresh ingredients and dressings
Baked applesA gluten-free side dish

Fazoli’s is continuously working on expanding its gluten-free options to offer more choices to customers with dietary restrictions. They strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy their favorite Italian-inspired meals in a gluten-free and safe manner.


In conclusion, Fazoli’s recognizes the need for gluten-free options and has taken steps to accommodate individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Their menu includes gluten-free pasta, customizable salads, and gluten-free side dishes. Fazoli’s implements practices to avoid cross-contamination and provides training to its staff to ensure safe handling of gluten-free orders.

If you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, Fazoli’s can be a great option for a delicious Italian-inspired meal without worrying about gluten. However, it’s important to communicate your dietary needs to the staff to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Enjoy a satisfying and gluten-free experience at Fazoli’s!