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Guest Spot – Amazing Brownie Recipe

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Advertisements From time to time I will feature some friends recipes here to change up my blog. Sometimes you end up using the same ingredients, techniques, and flavor combinations without even realizing it. Getting a friend’s perspective always helps, right? Below is my foodie friend Brigid’s also known on Instagram […]


Spicy Mushroom Gravy


Advertisements I love a good gravy with my rice. Many people refer to this as curry – in general I believe curry and gravy are interchangeable. They do have their differences by both can be added to something very dry. At home we call this type of food shaak (a dish […]


Vegetarian Gyro Sandwich


Advertisements Do you ever go out to a restaurant and think to yourself – I wish I could make that for myself? This is how I have always felt about gyros. I never tried the meat but I always had the fresh veggies with tzatziki and hummus. My husband always […]