Barcelona Vegetarian Restaurant Review

I missed traveling during the pandemic. Such a happy day when travel became the norm again. My husband and I discussed all the places we wanted to go and Barcelona was at the top of the list. When we had a break in the madness we then hatched our plan to travel abroad. Even though we didn’t stay for a long time, we maximized everyday. Here is my review of a great vegetarian restaurant that Barcelona has to offer. More to come soon!

Sit Down Restaurants

We dined at Cerverseria Catalana on the first night of our vacation. The restaurant had a great energy to it. Since we were in Spain in February it was not their busy tourist season, so no reservation was required. Start with the house red. It is phenomenal and a great price!

House red wine at Cerveseria Catalana
House red wine at Cerveseria Catalana

Dining with tapas means you order a bunch of dishes because of the small portions. This way of eating is super fun if you like to try different things. No matter where I went during my entire trip I always ordered the tomato bread. It is the best pairing with red wine.

Pro tip: Most restaurants have an English menu so no need to worry about translation problems.

Tomato bread with Shishito Peppers

I like to order 2-4 tapas at a time, because even though the portions are small you fill up fast. My recommendations are to get the following:

  • Patatas bravas – Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Shishito peppers – Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Tomato bread – Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Creamy mushrooms- Vegetarian (avoid if you do not eat eggs)
  • Spanish Omelette -Vegetarian (avoid if you do not eat eggs)
  • Cheese plates -Vegetarian
  • Eggplant Chips – Vegetarian
  • Roasted vegetables -Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Greek salad – Vegetarian
  • Mixture of Asparagus and Mushrooms – Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Fried Artichokes – Vegan/Vegetarian

I enjoyed all of this food with the wine. Each dish was prepared with care and served up hot. The service was prompt and we were given honest recommendations whenever we asked questions. The dining experience was top notch and they are making great efforts to appeal to various dietary needs. They have a few sister restaurants as well, but they have the same menu. You can’t miss any of them!

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