Tikka Masala Onion Fritters

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Generally speaking, I am a huge fan of fritters. My parents grew eating these in India whenever it rained. We love bhajiyas ( fritters) to warm up your insides when it is dreary & cold out. In the US we had bhajiyas in the winter. Easy food that had few ingredients. I love the prep because it is only 10 minutes. I have created an easy way to incorporate Bebe’s All Natural Tikka Masala sauce as my own twist on a classic.


1 1/2 cups Chickpea flour

1 large onion cut into rings

1/4 cup water

1 -2 tablespoons cut cilantro

1 teaspoon Baking Soda

Vegetable/Corn oil for frying


Cut the onions into rings. Then place into a large mixing bowl. Add chickpea flour & massage onions to release the water.

Next add splash of water. You want a thick liquid. Add the rest of the ingredients.

Next warm up oil place on medium. After a few minutes test the oil by dropping some batter. If it floats – you are ready! Slowly drop onions into mixture. I use tongs to remove once it is golden brown. Make sure not to drop too thick clumps as it is difficult to cook through. Enjoy!

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  1. spoonfulofcrumbs – My story always begins in Asia. I'm from a place that is gentle like the wind but fierce in dreams and ambitions. From there, I mindlessly navigated the streets of LA before I lived with purpose in the MidWest. The MidWest is a place that allows me to enjoy the space, the change of seasons, and the un-stressful commute of daily life. And, though the Winters can be mentally and physically brutal at times, my curiosity continues as I witness the opening and closing of each season. This creative space is an interlocking of discovery - between food and community, the new and different, the eclectic, the old, the thriving markets and shops, and my own aspirations to be a functional cook. This space is a blend of my past, present, and the near and far future. Come join me! Photo Credit: Alexander Ow via UnsplashI

    This sounds amazing!

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