5 Denver Restaurants Offering Dietary and Allergy Safe Food

For families with dietary restrictions or food allergens, finding a place to order take-out or delivery from can be challenging. The good news is that there are a lot of great options available if you look outside your regular spots. 

I’ve partnered with Honeycomb to showcase five of Denver’s best diet and allergy friendly restaurants. Here a few local gems found on Honeycomb Denver:

For an exciting Dairy Free meal, try out one of the various Thai curries from Tuk Tuk Rocks. The curries use coconut milk to create a creamy and slightly sweet sauce that works perfectly with shrimp or chicken or steamed rice. 

For a Celiac safe meal with plenty of healthy plant-based options, check out Vital Root. The menu is creative and features fusions on many dishes, such as Bahn Mi Tacos  which combines Vietnamese and Mexican flavors, and Ube Pancakes, which mixes Filipino and Mexico ingredients. 

If you’re looking for a comforting meal on a cold Denver day, try the vegan ramen from Tokio. The broth is a rich mix of veggies that have simmered for hours, and there are plenty of toppings that make for a fun and filling bowl.

For a refreshing low carb or Keto meal, try the Poke on Kale from Ohana. With delicious marinades like soy, ginger + sesame or spicy mayo with masago, this fresh bowl is also very flavorful. 

It’s hard to find Nightshade Free dishes at Italian restaurants, but luckily Zane’s offers unique pasta plates. The stand-out Nightshade Free dish is the Venetian Fiocchi Pasta, which comes with cheese and pear tossed in a brown butter sage sauce. 

Honeycomb.ai is a free website that helps people discover what foods to eat at restaurants based on any dietary restrictions. To discover more diet and allergy friendly restaurant dishes in Denver, check out https://honeycomb.ai/food/restaurants/us/denver/

This post was submitted by Marina Dratwa of Honeycomb.ai

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