Vegetarian Holiday Recipes

How do you plan your holidays? What is the most important thing you all do? At my house, it is all about the food! Generally the planning can be stressful because in a large family there are a lot of preferences and dietary needs. Easy holiday meal planning – is it a dream or can we make this a reality? I always stress over it! My holiday will be a lot easier thanks to all of these recipes from my fellow cooks! Planning your food as well as your groceries in advance can reduce the stress of holiday chaos.

Here is a quick and easy guide to help you plan your holiday – fun in quarantine or a small group!

My fun friend Alexis- is a cool Southern lady living in wonderful NYC. She has an awesome mix of dining out and home cooked food. This appetizer – Broccoli Casserole – is a hit with her family and is a recipe passed down from her grandmother. Sure to add a unique flare to your table.

Awesome Mother and Daughter duo have an amazing variety of recipes – this one is unique with familiar ingredients. Low carb and filling – an absolute hit for a gluten free option. Pesto Cauliflower Rice is so very 2020! Based in my hometown, Cleveland, they have a great love for football and game day eats.

My colorful vegetable pie – great way to start a meal that has a colorful pop!

Achar (Indian pickle) Deviled Eggs is a great fusion dish by Debbie who is based in N.C. She has amazing hand written recipes (with lovely and neat handwriting) for protein backed eats. This one is low carb and high protein sure to be a hit with anyone that loves spicy food!

Fantastic vegan recipe that is a modern take on a timeless classic. Vegan Curry Puff Wellington by my foodie friend Rasika. Ingredients that are buttery and savory – a dish that everyone will love! A wife, mom, doctor, and great food blogger – she balances it all.

Check out Mansi’s awesome Chili Cheese Pot Pies – a great food blogger that has amazing Indian and Fusion recipes. This is crusty in the right way! We used to live right next to each other before I moved to Colorado!Recipe available via the link above. Check it out.

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